Wednesday, 9 September 2015

30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments - 1st Hair Blog Challenge

I have officially joined my first online blog challenge!!!

For about the past three years I have followed a few blogs, that drew me in for one reason or another, and kept me coming back for more with their informative, entertaining, interesting and current posts.  One in particular is Just Grow Already.   Jen, who owns and runs the blog has hosted her own challenges and collaborated with other bloggers over the years to help her followers to adopt more healthy hair care regimens.  I particularly like that she does the challenges over 30 day periods, I too find it a good period of time to assess the effects of the change the challenge institutes.  In addition, maintaining a particular activity for such a period of time allows for easier acceptance and inclusion to a regular and routine activity.  It helps to build and reinforce positive habits, which are ever so important along a Healthy Hair Journey.

This month of September, there is the 30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments

I am so very excited to embark on this challenge for a number of reasons.  Most obviously of them, it encourages the use of Natural Products.

Here are the oils I'll be using during the challenge this month, and the reasons I have selected these specific oils.

*I stumbled upon the Moroccan Method a while back which uses Ancient Mayan Lunar Philosophy and Old World Farming Theory to define the 5 Goals (listed).  I use these to simply assess the benefits of a product and my hair needs.

I opted to use Natural oils and not commercially prepared oils because as part of my Natural Lifestyle
  • I choose products in their most natural form when available
  • Having products in their most simple form allows me to create mixes which maximizes the benefits of each of the individual products
  • I enjoy knowing exactly what ingredients are included without extra fillers and potentially harmful additives or other substances which are not necessary or may not agree with my hair
I also chose these oils for the challenge because I already have them.
At this time for my hair, use of these oils during this period would be most beneficial as I prepare to ascertain how the change in 'season' affects my hair. Yep, its coming to the end of Summer here in Bermuda and as the year rounds out weather trends indicate a reduction in temperatures, with an increase in precipitation and relative humidity ranging 70-75%.

I'm excited about this challenge...can you tell?

~ Josie Jo ~

Do you currently use oils in your Hair Care?  
What are their benefits for you?

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