Sunday, 13 September 2015

DO YOU YOGA 14 Day Power Yoga Challenge

I follow a few yoga Sites and keep with them on YouTube, IG or Blogs and I'm always looking out for their free online offers.  I like to incorporate new sequences and classes to keep my routine fresh, and to ensure my body doesn't become too accustomed, so that I always see results.  The freebies also  help me avoid seasonal intense workouts and keep up with my workouts year round to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I recently completed 2 cycles (Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced) of a 21 Day Yoga Challenge offered in June by My Yoga Works.  I totally enjoyed it and it was very rewarding...both times!  You can read about on my Summer Ready Yoga post.

I find yoga to be the most easy and flexible to maintain, and the most rewarding.  Some may think its only for flexible people, but it is not.  Some may think yoga is all about stretching and breathing and not even sweating, but let me assure you, it is not!  And you may even think yoga is easy, ...but I can definitely tell you now, that is is not!

There are so many types of yoga, some may even be just one of the descriptions above only, and others all 3 together, which makes it exciting and interesting.

Which leads me to the exciting news.  Coming up this week, Do You Yoga is offering a free 14 Day Challenge of Power Yoga!

Check out the video below for more details if you're interested, and I hope you choose to join the challenge, you may be surprised by what you can achieve, even if its the first time ever doing yoga.

~ Josie Jo ~

Who's In?

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