Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Blog Goals | Update

In July 2015 when I started this blog, I listed out a few goals that I would have liked to achieve in setting up the blog and creating an interesting and informative shared space.  I thought about what I had enjoyed from other online spaces and incorporated those things in the delivery of the unique information I had to add and share with an online community.

I gave myself a 3 month introductory and familiarization period with the blog to achieve the initial goals.  Now, that time is up.  I have reviewed the goals below and determined the way forward in maintaining this space and building this community.

July 2015 Goal Recap

1. Establish the Categories addressed by the blog
  • Natural Journey 
    • Hair
      • Hair Chronicles (Hair Care, Wash Days, Regimen Building)
    • Healthy Lifestyle
      • You Are What You Eat (Diet Building)
      • Work It Out (Routines & Training) 
Natural Journey has emerged as the core of this space.  It follows my true journey an so this area is where I have the most to share.  In sharing I hope to provide knowledge and information as I learn along the journey.  This documentation is truly my experience.
  • Natural Lifestyle
    • Products
    • Recipes
    • Techniques
    • DIYs
Natural Lifestyle evolves as my journey does.  It is a quest  to identify and adopt a way of life that supports my Natural Journey.  So far I have discovered products that I have been able to introduce which complement more than 1 area of my journey.  I believe that in reducing and simplifying the things I use, do and practice; eliminating steps and stages; staying as close to elements in their natural form; allows for a less complicated and a richer and more abundant appreciation of life.

2. Post once a week on 'Natural Journey'
I set this goal to ensure that I would be engaging with the community.  I found that I enjoyed this window of information with other spaces.  To be able to provide consistently robust content, without being overwhelming.
3. Share Knowledge and Information (Articles/Blog Posts/Videos) once a week
This area is still evolving and being built into a main facet of this space.  I have so far shared content under this umbrella that have been relevant to My Journey and Lifestyle only, because I can only speak from a place of personal experience as I am not a professional in many of the areas covered.  Therefore, in staying true to myself and being responsible for the content shared I have decided to refrain from including information that is simply interesting without validation or sound reference.
I am very aware of the impact of information shared in an online space and community, and so until I have acquired valid expertise I would not be comfortable with assuming responsibility over certain content.  Until then I'm exploring the option of providing links.

~ Josie Jo ~

Tell me: Have the Goals set been Achieved?
What Goals Would You Propose for This NATURAL Thing?

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