Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wash Day | Vacation Surprises

I may not have mentioned this, but I'm on a little trip. I'm at home... Well, the place that will always be home, no matter where I move or migrate to. Yup! I'm In Trinidad!!

     Did you ask?
To witness the union of a very very dear friend. But, that's not what this post is about. If you want to know about it though, comment and let me know.

What I am going to tell you about is my first wash  day at home with my all natural TWA... And how I didn't prepare. Oops. But, how it turned out surprisingly perfect anyway.

It started like any other wash day.
Nope, it didn't. Because I had no idea where to start. Since the only products I brought with me, were not going to serve my hair needs at the time.
  • It had been 3 weeks since my last wash
  • I used quite a bit of products to style my hair for the festivities
It's been really hot (11° from the equator after all), so
  • My regular workouts have been giving my scalp detox sessions
  • My hair had been drying out very quickly in this atmosphere, it's just not as humid as Bermuda
Therefore I felt that my hair was in need of an intense treatment, that provided both moisture and protein.
  • Moisture to reverse and combat the dryness
  • Protein to strengthen and increase resiliency (as I'm preparing  to deal with a significant change in weather in the upcoming weeks)
So I turned to my mother's stash. You would to, here's why:
Vacation Wash Day Hair Goodies that returned surprising results for my Thick, Dense, Coarse TWA after considerable Build-Up and extreme Heat Exposure

Told you!

I selected some unconventional, or even unheard of for 'natural' hair (by me) brands. Which also, for me, didn't comply with my natural ingredients preference... But, when you don't prepare...
Let's see what happens.
Get great results even when you've forgot your staplel products on vacation by using pocket friendly brands with proven ingredients to suit your hair needs.
I mixed both these together and completely covered  my hair. I then took only the moisturizing conditioner and slathered it on my tips/ends and along my hairline. I used about 2 Palm fulls of mixed product, and one Palm full of just the moisturizing conditioner, and this stuff just disappeared in my hair.  With longer hair I may not have had enough products, and the strengthening conditioner was a full bottle! Hahaha.

I covered with a clear plastic cap and left on for about 90 mins while I discovered my featured post was up on KinkyCurlyCoilyMe, worked out, and made my Green Smoothie for the 30 Days of Green Smoothies Challenge I'm doing this month.  (<<follow links for posts and info)

When I took the cap off, I almost didn't want to continue with my wash. My hair was already soft, the comb ran through it smooth and easily, and my little coils were all bouncy.

But I went on
Now this right here! Actually lemme not get ahead of myself.
Always ensure to propertly treat your hair, even while on vacation.  This Restorative Mask provided the perfect balance of protein and moisture for my hair while on vacation.
I wet my hair and washed, before rinsing my pre poo out. I let my hair drip dry.
I tried dipping my fingers in to get some product out... And it was so thick I had to scoop it out with 3 fingers.  I distributed all through my hair, combing through to ensure it got all up and down in my hair.  I covered with a clear plastic cap, again. And let it sit and soak in. No added heat, because it want suggested, I didn't want too much of an intense protein infusion, and, the air was already naturally hot.

I didn't mean to leave it as long as I did, especially since it said 5-10 mins, but I started doing something, and know how that goes...
I eventually followed with a cold water rinse and let the water drip out on its own before moving on to the next step.
I haven't used this leave in since my hair was relaxed, and moreover in about 2 years since I started moving towards more natural products. Honestly, I would have preferred not to use it, as I really needed more moisture and realized my hair loves creamier products. But, again... Fail to prepare, which is how I got here in the first place.
I finished with about a quarter sized amount of the Coily Custard

And that's it!

When all was said and done, I almost couldn't believe I hadn't use some holy grail, hair specific, best thing out there, next new thing, miracle products.

My hair is so soft!  It was super easy to comb through, as it was detangled early in the pre-poo stage and remained that way.  I opted to "finger style" and used only my hands to distribute the products at the end, coaxing my hair into the shape I desired.

Have a do you think it turned out?

I need to work on my texture shot, but you can see just a bit of the definition.

~ Josie Jo ~
Have you ever used products that surprised you with their result?
Due to failure of preparation on your part, optional.

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