Sunday, 17 January 2016

2016 Eat & Move Series

Introducing the 2016 Eat & Move Series following my 2016 Diet & Exercise Mini Goals.  These feed into my overall goal of Maintaining a Natural & Healthy Lifestyle.  Keeping in line with the pillars of this blog, the series will fall under both YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT & WORK IT OUT.

I include 2016 because this is a life-long journey, and I know it will continue long beyond 2016, and so there will be a 2017 and 2018 series. Yup, there is longevity to this thing! You may be thinking: "wow, it's going to take you THAT long to achieve your goal?"

So let me get into it just a little bit.

There is the overall and (considerably) vague goal as indicated in this previous post (<<check it out here) of Maintaining a Natural &  Healthy Lifestyle Through: (1) Diet and (2) Exercise.  As I mentioned, there are mini goals encompassed in the overall goal, and as I move closer to the mini goals, they will keep being stretched.  This is why I know this Series will go long beyond 2016.
This helps in keeping the momentum going and ensuring the actual achievement along the way.  With one giant end goal, its easy to be discouraged and lose motivation, because it seems like no progress is being made.

This series was born because...
*90% of the time I encounter the 'Diet & Exercise' relationship the focus is on Weight Loss.  While understandably this is is the focus for a LOT of people, it is NOT for everyone.
The other *10% of the time where the focus is on Weight Gain, Healthy Diet (and Eating) isn't the driving mechanism towards achieving the end result.

*Not so arbitrary figures that align with what I have experienced online etc.

My situation, in the first instance is actually quite opposite. For my entire adult existence I have been considered Underweight, therefore my focus is WEIGHT GAIN.
In the second instance, I choose to use REAL (ie actual) food to support that focus, and so refrain from using supplements and protein powders etc. which are more popular in a journey such as this.

Now there aren't very many sources out there that fit this seemingly very small box.

My GOAL for this series is:
to provide information, inspiration, and motivation, to others; as many or as few as may exist, that relate to and find themselves on a similar journey 
to form and establish a community of/and with these others 
and to learn and grow as the journey evolves

 Stay tuned for a breakdown of the Mini Goals and Details for this series

~ Josie Jo ~
Let me know if you would like to come along on this journey in the comments below.
Lets have a community experience

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