Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hair Chronicles | Half Year Journey

As an addendum to my Update | 6 Months Later post (<<check it out here if you missed it), I wanted to add some photosnaps of the journey I've had thus far.
However, I figured these pictures deserved their very own post, and so we're here.

My very own JOURNEY post.  Though its a young one, its evolution seems as though it were 6 years!


 Freshly cut, I rocked it like I had it ALL my life
well, I did


In July I started to experiment just a bit.  Because my hair was cut with the middle-top longer, I was able to achieve flat twists, so that I could create a 'FLAT-TWIST  OUT' with the sides and back PALM ROLLED (or brush rolled, depending on how I felt when doing my hair at the time)


The summer time was just so active.  Most times I just did a WASH n GO.

I played with the SIDE PART a bit as well through August, for more variety in my look


After 3 months I had enough growth to achieve a passable COMB-COIL/FINGER CURL look.
Still young in the game, I didn't fluff or nuttin', so all my parts were showing.


In October I was able to rock a FAUX TAPERED look
I also had enough length by this time to achieve flat twists on the sides! 
So I rocked the hell out of the FAUX MOHAWK!


By November I had enough practice with a few styles, so through November I played with them ALL!


My sister convinced me to try my first PERM ROD SET.  Actually she did it!  It came out SOO amazing!  
Can't wait to see what it looks like as my hair grows.

And that's SIX whole months!
Now I face the 'AWKWARD STAGE' as it's called. But I'm not too worried, if a style completely fails, then I can always get it into a TWA because of my shrinkage.
My hair reverts on default!

~ Josie Jo ~
Share your Journey pics! 
I'd love to see your version of life

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