Friday, 15 January 2016

Hair Challenge UPDATE: 90 Day Winter Hair Challenge with Lavishly Natural's

Remember this 90 Day Winter Hair Challenge with Lavishly Natural's that I stumbled upon and couldn't wait to get started on?  Well I have a confession, I haven't been doing NUFFIN during this time for this challenge! 
Now, I could b.s. and try to tie the things I have done with my hair and in my hair care to this challenge, but the truth is, there hasn't been anything that I have done specifically as a result of the challenge.  And the most horrible part is, I don't have a valid reason for why not.  Not like I've been out-of-the-ordinary busy or anything.  I really have nothing to blame.

I have been taking care of and doing things with my hair, to maintain healthy growth.  But, I get the emails with the recipes and tips and info (yeah, I don't even have to go find the information) and I just skim through them, maybe click on the links, and when I do, think "ohh, yeah that looks good/I should try that" and then don't.

It's now the half way point on the challenge (as of yesterday).  So it's time for me to take stock and get on it. Especially since I have planned to do something with my hair beginning February.  
No, I'm not gonna tell you just yet. Wait and see. 
Plus, right now we're talking about getting on track with this 90 Day challenge.

Erica (who's hosting the challenge) has shared some really great information and recipes.  So! This is what's going to happen between now and February (yes, the next 16 days), after which my upcoming plans will be revealed, and I'll revisit the challenge to do my best to continue through the month of February until the full 90 days are up.

Challenge TO DO LIST

  1. Determine a method of HAIR MEASUREMENT, and measure!  Either by length (stretched/un-stretched) someway to measure health?
    Any ideas??
  2. Do one of the JUICES!
    Ok, I really can't do that, I don't have a juicer.Wait! Brilliant idea, I'll take the juice recipe and make a SMOOTHIE! That's even better, right?!
  3. Try a DIY RECIPE (Conditioner/Tea Rinse/Oil Blend, Butter)
    I like to DIY so what has stopped me from doing a recipe on this challenge?? I don't know where my head is sometimes.  
    Next Wash Day for sure! 
    Hold me to it! ....OK! 
      Perfect timing! My DIY Oil mix finished and I didn't re-create it. So I can use her method to determine what my hair loves using her list/form and make my very own Lavishly Natural's inspired Herbal Hair Growth Oil
  4. Read. Understand. Ingest the 7 PRINCIPLES OF HAIR GROWTH  proposed, and figure out how I can and will incorporate them to my journey.
  5. Read and Consider the 21 DAY RELAXATION DIET proposed.



~ Josie Jo ~
...stay tuned

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