Wednesday, 13 January 2016

WASH DAY | First Wash of the Year!

I put off washing my hair well into the new year because I was just so in love my first full head twist out!
hCan you see why?h
But all good things come to and end...AND it was...a while... since I had washed my hair, so it really was time to get a good and thorough cleaning.

Being that it was the start of the year, I really wanted to get a fully fresh & clean start.  Did you catch the Turmeric Ginger Honey "Tea-Tox" post?  I'm sure if you did you realized I was a just a bit cliché this year with the new year-clean slate.  It's not all for talk and content though, these things really do help to usher me along on my Natural and Healthy Lifestyle.

On to this Wash Day, I'll give you a recap
...and then
I have a surprise for you at the end.
Don't just scroll to the end!  

Read through it first, like you always would have anyway.
  1. Pre-Poo Hot Oil Treatment
    I pre-pooed (is that even a word?) with a Hot Oil Treatment this wash day to prepare my hair for the intense cleaning it was about to get.  To do this, I warmed the Kurlee Belle Kurlee Tropical Oil Blend in hot water for 5mins then applied by spraying into my dry hair (as directed). I used my hands to massage the oil in and ensure it was evenly and thoroughly distributed through my hair.
    I covered my hair with a shower (clear/processing) cap.  Then, to create a 'steamer' I soaked a washcloth in boiling hot water (the same from the hot oil treatment actually), carefully wrung it out, and covered the cap with it.  Then I placed another cap over that.
         Did you get that?
    I covered my hair with a towel to hold in as much heat as possible for 15 mins.
  2. Clarify
    When my timer was up - yup, I have to set timers because I start doing things (like getting sucked into Pinterest) and loose complete track of the time, I removed the towel, cap, washcloth, and cap.
    When shampooing I usually create a diluted shampoo mix. However, this time I made a 'clarifying shampoo' by mixing One n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, Cher-Mère Tea Tree Oil, and Filtered Water.
    I concentrated on getting the mixture on my scalp, and using the pads of my finger tips, 'scrubbed' my scalp to lift and remove all dirt, build-up, and whatever else found its way in there over the 3weeks since my last wash.
    I repeated the shampoo process once, and ensured that the water ran clear when rinsed.
  3. Deep Condition
    Now that my hair and scalp were totally clean, it was time for a decadent Deep Treatment.  So I reached for my new love Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment (you can read up on why I love it so here in this review).
    As instructed on the label, I generously applied it to my wet hair, ensuring that all strands were fully coated.  I followed by running my fingers through to detangle, before covering with a shower cap.  Then proceeded to sit under heat for 30mins.  I then wrapped a towel around my head to trap the heat for an additional 15mins.  Just to give it that extra extra boost.
  4. LOC
    I then hopped in the shower - oh, yeah, this whole time I hadn't gotten into a shower, shhhh.
    I rinsed my hair using lukewarm water (because it's too cold to use cold water, don't you think?).  As soon as I hopped out of the shower, after letting my hair drip-dry a bit, I applied ORS Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave-in Conditioner from root to tip, not a difficult feat with my length).
    On top of that, I rubbed in a few drops of Avocado Oil to seal (find out a bit more about this oil here).
    Then I used my Whipped Shea Butter Mix to securely seal the moisture into my hair.  No point in having such an intense wash day, if it all the moisture will just evaporate off my hair soon as I walk out the shower.
  5. Style
    I hadn't quite decided prior to washing how I was going to style my hair.  But by the time I got through it was pretty late. However, I was determined to create a style that would last a few days (up to a week, hopefully), be protective or allow for very low manipulation through the days it lasted.
    I decided on a flat twist updo, which would allow for another hopefully fantabulous full head twist out.
    To accomplish the style, I separated my hair into four large quadrants, then using my fingers parted my hair towards the center.  Combed through (detangled) each parted section at a time, used a dab of One n Only Styling Cream and a spritz of Kurlee Belle Kurlee Tropical Oil Blend (don't you love multi-purpose products!?) and flat twist.

Confession:  I didn't finish all 4 sections that night.  Like I said, it was late...and my arms were tired, really tired...or maybe sore?  The NTC GET TONED program (remember I said I was gonna be starting here in this post) is really - let's just say - working me out! So I covered my hair and finished the last section the following day.
Can I ever get through a complete wash day in 1 day??
It's always something, isn't it?! I look forward to the day!
I recorded the entire process (almost, no shower shots) and put it ALL together in this VIDEO here for you to follow along! 
I'm completely new to creating YouTube videos, so please do comment and let me know how you like it.  Also share any suggestions and tips that you have, I know I have a lot to learn about this videography life!
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~ Josie Jo ~
How was your last wash day/first wash day of the year?
Did you do anything special to 'start off the year right' with your hair?

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