Monday, 11 April 2016

DIY | Rosemary Infused Oil

 Essential Oils can be pricey, but you don't have to buy them all, you can make infusions using the main ingredient in the essential oil to obtain the same benefits of the essential oils, at a fraction of the cost
...if you have a bit of time to spare before you're ready to use it of course
As, it does take a bit of time to obtain a proper infusion, so if you have need of the oil immediately, purchasing may be your only option.  

However, if there are essential oils that you would like to include in your hair care regimen, a little planning is all it takes.  For example, this Rosemary Infused Oil.  Chances are you already have carrier oils (preferably penetrating oils) in your stash that you can use to create this mix.  And there will be endless uses, you'll find so many areas to insert this mix in your Hair Care Regime due to the benefits of Rosemary for Scalp and Hair Health.  

DIY | Rosemary Infused Oil

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
(or any other penetrating oils you have on hand, such as avocado)
Handful Fresh Rosemary Leaves

Gather a handful of fresh rosemary leaves
Wash to remove any dirt and pat dry
Crush leaves to release oils
Place crushed leaves in a small glass jar
Add equal amounts of Coconut and Olive Oils - enough to cover leaves in jar
Securely cover and place in a dark area for a minimum of 2 months
This Infused Oil mix can find regular rotation in your Hair Care Regimen as a Scalp Treatment on its own, or added to other ingredients to boost its effectiveness.  It can also be added to other oils to make a penetrating hair oil mix (both coconut & olive oils are penetrating oils),

*I would suggest adding to other oils or hair products before applying to hair strands.

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~ Josie Jo ~

Have you tried creating your own Infused Oils?  
Do share the recipes and reviews in the comments below

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