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Detangling My Hair | Hair Care | VIDEO

Detangling Hair is of the utmost importance in your hair care regime regardless of your 
Hair Goals!

Most recently, I spoke of the importance of detangling hair as one of the 10 steps in Removing (Long Term) Protective Styles, as I had just removed my own Senegalese Twists 

5.    Detangle
Once all extensions have been removed from a section, or when all sections are complete (keeping in sections) add a generous amount of conditioner with great slip or oil to saturate hair, and let sit in hair for a few minutes.
Then begin the process.  Take your time and be very careful.  Using fingers, carefully work through hair to detangle. This will allow removal of shed hairs that can cause matting and knotting in the wash process if not done.  If comfortable, use a wide tooth comb to run through detangled hair once complete.

I had the experience of becoming very intimate with my hair, this time specifically, during the near 2 hours it took to very slowly, carefully and meticulously detangle my hair.  I recorded the process as I believe it may help you if you find yourself in a similar situation - post removal of a protective style - or are simply seeking a visual aid in completing the process.

You may be unsure as to when is the best time to perform the detangling process.  

WHEN to Detangle
  • each time you remove any style from your hair eg following protective styles
  • preparing to wash or during the washing process - pre poo/hot oil treatment; deep conditioning, to help distribute product evenly
  • preparing to style your hair, in order to achieve the best results.

It can be a daunting task as it is very time consuming, however, I strongly advise against skipping this step for a few reasons.

WHY to Detangle 
  • remove tangles
  • prevent knots
  • prevent breakage
  • distribute product evenly - during washing process and styling
  • achieve smooth styling results

Detangling ALL types and kinds - curly, kinky and coily - hair is important. However, I can specifically speak for Type 4 hair, in particular Coarse, Dense & Thick hair such as mine, which LOVES to coil on itself.  I find that detangling carefully and regularly has the following results.

RESULTS of Detangling
  • less lost hair during wash/styling - due to breakage from tangles & knots
  • smoother styling process and styles
  • longer lasting styles
That being said, I hope you consider including (if you don't already) regular detangling of your hair.
HOW to Detangle
  • have patience
  • move slowly and carefully
  • use fingers or wide tooth comb
  • use product that provides lots of slip such as oils or conditioner
  • keep hair sectioned

You can see the process here:

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Products & Tools used for this particular detangling session
- Conditioner
- Fingers

Remember there will be shed hair from detangling, and even more after a long term protective style.
This was my shed hair.

When detangling following a style and prior to washing I follow with my regular wash day process, unless my hair requires additional or specific attention, such as following removal of a protective style (as was the case this time), in which instance a more intensive wash day routine is followed, and will be detailed in a later post.
*if you'd like me to detail my Regular Wash Day Routine, and even create a video, let me know in the comments below!

full process. Top 2 show before and after detangling

~ Josie Jo ~

Do you Detangle?
When and How, what suggestions would you give?

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