Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Post Protective Style Pampering | Wash Day

The Wash Day of ALL Wash Days!
I removed my Senegalese Twists Protective Style (very carefully to Ensure You Reap the Benefits) and my hair was FREE again!  It felt sooo good to touch my very own hair.  It felt so good to get in-between my strands and just to massage my scalp.
...the little things you take for granted.  While I loved having in a protective style, I DEFINITELY missed my hair.

VIDEO: Removing Protective Styles | Part 1: Removing Extensions from Hair

And I was gonna show it just how much I missed it, by pampering and treating it ALL kinds of special on this wash day. 

Scalp Treatment
I started with a scalp treatment as my hair was already 'sectioned' by all the parting from the Senegalese twists.  I applied a DIY mix -containing a Rosemary Infused Coconut & Olive Oil mix, along with Tea Tree Oil and fresh Lemon Juice (see picture below)- directly onto my scalp following each part using a (very) small nozzled bottle, which aided in application.  And then I massaged like there was no tomorrow. 
Did I mention just how good it felt to have my fingers on my scalp? good!
I then proceeded to detangle my hair.  I mixed conditioner with water in a spray bottle and saturated my hair (see products used picutured above).  After letting it sit and absorb for about 10 minutes, I followed by using my fingers to detangle in sections.  I created 4 sections of hair. I went through each section slowly and carefully.  Especially because my hair was entwined with extensions for 2 months, and also, there was a great deal of product used to hold the style during installation.  I found however, that there was barely any product residue in my hair, and I also had very little build-up - thanks to the steps followed in Maintaining [My] Protective Style.

After my hair was fully detangled I applied more conditioner to my strands.  So much that it would drip out if I twisted my hair a bit in sections.  I took this approach to give my hair all the moisture and protection it could possibly absorb prior to shampooing.  I covered my hair for about 45 minutes (while I completed a workout).

My hair had been 'put away' for 2 months, although I maintained a cleansing routine, it is impossible that my hair would have been fully and thoroughly cleaned.  Therefore, I conducted a clarifying shampoo.  Now, you know how I feel about harsh chemical products, and honestly, I haven't tried a commercial clarifying shampoo - if you know of one that's gentle yet effective, please do share in the comments. Tell me ALL about it!  In order to clarify my strands, I mixed ACV into my sulfate free Hydrating Detangling Shampoo from KeraCare (which I've had for sooo long I forgot I had it, pictured below).  I figured it's detangling properties could only benefit this wash day.  This shampoo still created lots of suds - its been quite some time since I used a sudsing shampoo, I was like a baby in a bubble bath.
*Had I not done a Scalp Treatment I would have used my DIY | Invigorating Clarifying Shampoo.

Protein Treatment
After completely rinsing the shampoo from my hair - I may have rinsed 2x - I squeezed out as much water as possible and towel blotted to prepare for a protein treatment.  Let me tell you, I was so apprehensive to do this treatment, but I settled on using Apohgee 2 Minute Re-constructor, which has received amazing reviews across the board from naturals of all textures, so I went in.  I followed the directions to the T - even had a timer set for the 2 minute period to ensure it was not on my strands any longer than advised.  And then rinsed, and rinsed - I wanted NO protein leftovers.
hair following the protein treatment
I would admit, following the protein treatment, my hair felt so soft and strong, and just amazing.
I let my hair drip dry and then continued with the wash day process.

Deep Condition
While my hair was drip drying I mixed up a Super Moisturizing Deep Conditioner using Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, Honey, Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil (see products used pictured above).  I placed a bowl into hot water to mix all ingredients together until it was one consistency, before applying to my hair.  My hair drank up this mixture, I almost didn't have enough.  But my product test - twisting hair with product in to see if it oozes - was past.  I then covered my hair with saran wrap - I had shower caps, I have no idea why I used plastic wrap - and then tied with a scarf and called it a night.
By this time it was LATE.  I had no more energy to be sitting under hooded dryers, rinsing out conditioner, and then styling! This was the same day I removed my Senegalese Twists, don't judge me, AND I had been recording the whole process - yup, see the Protective Style Removal video (the other wash day processes coming soon!)  See, it's all for you.
Additionally, it's an Overnight Moisturizing Deep Condition, who says no to that? And I was still sort of precautionary following the protein treatment, if I have to be honest.

The following morning I was still in no mood to be rinsing and styling, so Head Wrap to the rescue - it might have been my cutest wrap style yet, and I didn't take a proper picture! >>

Anyway, when I returned I did workout before rinsing - so my hair got some heat after all.  I also combed through the sections before rinsing, and Oh eM Goodness it was like running your fingers through spaghetti tossed with olive oil - what?! - yes!

I finished by applying Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave in Conditioner (used here) and Kurlee Belle Kurlee Tropical Oil Blend (see REVIEW). then created corkscrews ie Bantu Knots, and was off to bed.
clean, protective style free hair
~ Josie Jo ~

What's your typical Wash Day following the removal of a Protective Style?

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