Sunday, 17 April 2016

Let's Talk Scalp Treatments | Video

Can I just say how amazing Scalp Treatments are?? 
Can I?

I'm going to, anyway...
They are AMAZING!!!

I mean, it includes a scalp massage, so how could it not be?!
...they don't usually?
Well mine do!  And if yours don't you should evaluate and get it together, and include it.

Hold up, was I supposed to start at What's a Scalp Treatment?
Lets rewind then.

Scalp Treatment
In basic and uncomplicated terms is attending to your scalp using products/ingredients that result in improved scalp health.  Very  much in the same way hair treatments attend to different hair concerns - moisture, protein, length retention, shine.  It can address and prevent scalp issues, including dry, flaky, or itchy scalp and some medical conditions - Psoriasis; Dermatitis
They also help in aiding hair growth.
*Please seek consultation from a licensed professional if you have a severe or medical condition  

Scalp Massage
Massaging your Scalp - its simple really.
As you may or may not know, scalp massages, or any massage, increases blood flow to the area being massaged.  Increased blood flow means increased oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, hence stimulating the follicles.  As a result, increased hair growth, reduced stress and improved mental activity can be experienced.
Scalp massages can be done with or without the use of added products. Therefore, it can be performed at any time.

Why would you want to do it during a Scalp Treatment?
Stimulated hair follicles are more open and receptive, aiding in the absorption of topically applied products/ingredients, boosting effectiveness.

I would suggest adding Scalp Massages to your Scalp Treatment sessions...and any time you feel like really.

The following video demonstrates how I used a Rosemary Infused Oil in my Scalp Treatment.  Rosemary has many scalp and hair benefits as discussed in Use Rosemary to Boost Scalp Health & Promote Hair Growth.

This particular treatment was done following the Removal of my Senegalese Twists, a long term protective style (you can watch the video of the process here).  After such styles, your scalp will do well with an invigorating and stimulating treatment.

There are many different oils with scalp health benefits and hair growth properties that you can use for scalp treatments, particularly essential oils.  You can find some listed in here, as well as other natural ingredients that are beneficial to hair care that you might consider trying and/or adding to your hair care regimen

~ Josie Jo ~

Do you incorporate Scalp Treatments in your Hair Care Regimen?

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