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Use Rosemary to Boost Scalp Health & Promote Hair Growth

In recent posts I mentioned the use of high quality Natural Ingredients to Pamper and Recover Your Hair and scalp (specifically following a protective style).  High quality ingredients shouldn't only be left for use following periods of 'hair neglect' like long term protective styles.  At any time you can treat your hair to these powerful substances, as they hold many hair and scalp health benefits.
Let your hair speak to you, let it dictate what products and ingredients you use.  This is not to say you will not formulate a regimen and routine for your hair care, but, at times, you can insert specialized treatments or make special additions to boost your hair and provide it with a little extra love.

Many of the high quality ingredients come in the form of Essential Oils from plants and herbs.  These potent oils are like the superfoods of the hair scene, packed with vitamins and nutrients supporting hair and scalp health; growth, protection, and stimulation properties.

Lets take a look at the herb: Rosemary

The rosemary plant is a woody perennial herb with light blue, white, pink or purple flowers which bloom from March to May.  It is a bushy evergreen that can grow six feet or higher, with leaves that are stiff and leathery, and is native to the Mediterranean region.
Most tonics and recipes use the rosemary leaves moreso than the flowers or the rest of the plant.

History and Uses
Rosemary was used as one of the main ingredients in healing remedies; it was considered a special tonic to help strengthen the overall body and heal the liver, brain, heart and eyes.
In modern times rosemary is used by herbalists to assist with illness related to the gall bladder and liver.  It is also believe to assist with indigestion, boosting mental activity, stress relief, pain relief and respiratory problems.
Rosemary provides a boost to the immune systems and is also used as an antiseptic for treating flu, viruses and colds.   Sore muscles, rheumatism and arthritis often respond well to rosemary oils applied during massage.
Additionally it is well known for its use as a herb in cooking and beverages.

Rosemary for Hair

  • excellent for hair growth
    believed to stimulate hair follicles and hair growth
  • graying and thinning
    to slow down or even permanently hold off premature hair loss and gray hair
  • assist with stimulating your sebaceous glands
    soothe and condition dry, flaky scalps
    when applied in a concentrated form to the roots and scalp, rosemary is helpful in clearing many cases of dandruff
    ideal for anyone who has scalp irritation, itchiness or dandruff.
    mixes well with tea tree and basil for stubborn scalp problems
  • has antioxidants that help to protect your hair and scalp from damaging free radicals
  • fortifies hair, making it stronger
The beneficial properties of rosemary are found in the oils of the plant, which can be released via an extraction method or by crushing the leaves.
If you're up to it and happen to have an extractor on hand, you ca make your very own Rosemary Oil.  More than likely however, you have a access to rosemary leaves from a plant or the store (ensure organic), from which you can make an infusion oil my crushing the leaves an placing in a carrier oil.

~ Josie Jo ~

Have you tried Rosemary for your hair and scalp health?

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