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Eat & Move Series | November Goal

Eat & Move Series | November 2016 Goal - Revisiting Body Mass
When I defined the mini goals I intentionally stretched this specific goal because it truly is the core of the series: To increase body mass.  All other goals have been and will continue to be in support of this goal.

This isn't old, and I didn't make a mistake.  Yes, this mini goal was addressed in July.  So, why is it back again?  Well if you recall, it never left.  This particular goal was entered with a 6 month contract understanding that achieving the goal was impossible to accomplish in a single month.  Just so we don't forget about it however, at this interval 4 months later, we need a check-in, to ascertain actual progress and realign, refocus and redefine if necessary.

The assessment
The measurement of choice is the Body Mass Index.  Back in July I achieved a positive result that I was very happy with.  Over the last 4 months since, each mini goal served to work towards boosting this one, each affecting a different area of the calculation used to obtain the BMI value which is a measure of healthy weight that takes 5 other values into consideration: actual weight, height, level of activity, gender and age (another calculator may use different values) - I selected this specific calculator because it was consistent with my approach to this series.

Recap - End of July 2016

My Information Edit
Female Age: 33 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 105 lbs Waist: 25
Goal: Gain 2 pounds per week Activity Level: Very Active



Realign, Refocus, or Redefine?
Even though some success might have been made on this goal in July, like me, you may still have been outside of your target 'healthy' range.  Therefore, more effort and dedication is needed.  We know the variables that affect the outcome - the calculation - and how they also work into the other mini goals.  The alignment remains the same.

We saw how improvements and success at the other goals affected BMI.  Increasing Body Mass has to be addressed correctly and approached in the right way.  We could have simply just eat more food, more of any and everything all the time.  But then we would only be increasing weight, and also, we may be adding unhealthy weight that could lead to undesirable problems later on - cholesterol, heart conditions, diabetes.  Additionally, the added weight may not be distributed favourably, which could in turn result in the health conditions previously listed among others.  Our focus is still health.

Like the inner workings of a clock, each mini goal in this series is a moving part that affects another, just like the variables that go into the BMI calculation: they are interconnected variables, not independent of each other, that are different for every person, and require balance.  For the purposes of this goal, the definition is therefore unchanged.

Current - Beginning November 2016

My Information Edit
Female Age: 33 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 106 lbs Waist: 25
Goal: Gain 2 pounds per week Activity Level: Very Active



Body and BMI Calculator

Check ins for the next 2 months using the calculator.

Acknowledgement and understanding of the information above, being dedicated to this goal to successfully achieve the result desired.  Attaining a BMI in the healthy range by the end of this Eat & Move Series 2016.
At the end of July I joked that my mantra should have been "eat, eat, eat" had I known the impact on the results.  But I came across an article that listed 5 rules for gaining mass which included eating, but highlighted the bigger importance of what was eaten, and when, and how that which was eaten was put to use.
As mentioned above, and having worked through the other goals since, we know the best approach takes the whole picture into account: having addressed Nutrition from many different points; and isolating Training activities at increasing levels.

5 Rules for Gaining Mass

Are you still hanging in there with me? 
We're almost done, 2 months to go!  Let me know how it's going in the comments below.

~ Josie Jo ~


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