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5 Practices for Healthy Hair in Cooler Weather | TNT Tips

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There's a chill on the air. Do you feel it?  Or is it just me? Seems like Winter is trying to sneak in through the back door?  Yes, even all the way out here in the middle of the Atlantic the cold is creeping in - I just can't escape!  Since there's no running from it, better be ready and usher it along.  On the bright side, I can dig into my accessory drawer again, hello Mr Scarf,  and light leather jacket, I've missed you.

I've never been one to do a complete over-haul on my hair routine as I usually keep things pretty simple - product and recipe testing here and there aside.  I do tend  to pay close attention to my hair to ensure it's getting everything it needs and wants to remain in tiptop condition, whatever the season. After all, healthy hair care isn't seasonal.  However, staying in charge means taking preemptive measures so I don't find myself with an irreversible situation or set back just when progress is coming along nicely.

Therefore, to remain in control this season, there are 5 practices I'm following to maintain the health of my hair.  I decided to share these with you below, in the event that you find some benefit in adopting these into areas of your routine.  As always, take into consideration your current hair goals, hair needs, and your location in the world - some are universal, so they would apply to everyone, no matter where you are.

5 Practices for Healthy Hair in Cooler Weather | This NATURAL Thing
  1. Maintain DIET - This is really a matter of staying disciplined.  As I'm sure you're aware, what your diet consists of, or doesn't, directly affects the health of your hair, and your general health.  'Tis the season of festivities and food.  The holidays just seem to blend into each other and every holiday is celebrated with so much food, and by food I mean all the yummy goodies that we "should consume in moderation".  I'm not going to tell you don't have a larger or extra serving of dessert, or to skip the seasonal beverage, I'm certainly not setting myself up for failure trying to stick to any such ludicrous restriction.  To keep things in balance I join online challenges that are fun and promote healthy habits, like the 30 day green smoothie challenge, and 2L water a day challenge.
    This season is the perfect time to introduce or increase the consumption of 'healthy' foods like green smoothies, try new seasonal fruits and veggies, balance your plate with extra greens, and drink lots, and lots of water!
  2. Use OILS - I always say to myself "I'll pre-poo with an oil" or "I should do a Hot Oil Treatment on my NEXT wash day".  And the next, becomes the next, then the next, and so on.  While using oils is a regular part of my hair care - I follow the L.O.C. method; I don't really utilize oils in any other areas of my regular routine. Increasing the practice of Pre-Poos and Hot Oil Treatments using Penetrating Oils such as Coconut, Olive and Avocado, especially during the cooler months provide your hair with strength, nourishment and conditioning.  These oils help with moisture retention and to deposit essential vitamins into the hair during the sessions.  Hot Oil Treatments also have a host of benefits to hair and scalp health.  Heavier oils aren't to be neglected during this time either, they are perfect for sealing using the L.O.C or L.C,O methods.
    Alternating Oil Pre-Poos and HOTs on wash days throughout the season are a great combination to achieve the best results. 
  3. Add MOISTURE - It's funny that the air is drier when its cool, and humid when it's warm, but that's what mother nature dealt us, so we deal with it.  Since the air tends to rob our hair of moisture, we have to boost our moisture regimen.  This means Steams and DCs.  The 2 best methods to quickly infuse moisture into strands.  While wash day should be synonymous with Deep Conditioning it's ever more important during these cooler months.  Adding Steaming would also keep hair hydrated for longer periods and can be done between washes.
    Definitely DC every wash day, and introduce Steaming, if like me, it's not already in your regimen.
  4. Minimize STYLING - By this I don't mean leave your hair to the elements, but quite the opposite.  Styles like Wash n Go's are a no-go in the cold seasons.  I don't regularly WnG if ever, however during this season I definitely improve my Flat Twist skills. I use the style as more than the prelude to a twist out, it is the style.  It lasts a full week minimum, meaning that my hair is low maintenance and tucked away, retaining all the moisture I infused into it, much like a protective style.
    This is an excellent time to try Low Maintenance and Protective Styles if it's an option to you.  
  5. COVER Hair - Last but by no means least, protect your hair!  This should be a regular practice at night, but is ever more important as when it gets cold, as we up the indoor temperatures. Unlike the natural heat of summer though, artificial heat is DRYING; so while you sleep the moisture is being silently stolen from your hair - all your hard moisture infusing work... down the drain.  Don't forget to cover up when heading outdoors as well!  Hats aren't just for the summer and scarves aren't just for around your neck.  Even if you're just walking to the car, you would be surprised the attack your hair suffers in the seemingly short space of time.
    Scarves and hats protect your hair from the wind and seasonal elements, and who can forgo the cute, cozy accessory anyway, just work it into your outfit, tis the season of hats and scarves, just be sure they're silk or lined!
These are the 5 Practices I'm following to maintain the health of my hair this season to  ensure the continued progression on this natural hair journey.  Do you make any adjustments for the change in season?  Do tell us in the comments below, we'd love to know what you do too!

Who else is ready for light knits and chic layers?
hold the chill though!

~ Josie Jo ~


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