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Staying Polished on Your Natural Journey | Beauty

Be Polished on Your Natural Journey | This NATURAL Thing | Beauty
Just because you're on a natural journey, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the little ways you enjoy expressing your personality! Nor limit your way of accessorizing. 

In truly leading a natural lifestyle I have expanded beyond what I put in my body, and have also included things that I put and use on my body.  Over the past year, in which you have joined me on working towards a more natural lifestyle, I have learned about and researched different products and items that eliminate non-natural sources and ingredients from everyday life.  Some of them dabble a bit in the beauty realm, so I pondered for a while if I should share them with you as well in this space.  Ultimately I decided that they're just as an important part of the journey and should not be excluded.  My objective in sharing, is that I might bring some new information to you that you may find helpful - one of the main goals of this platform.

Today, I'm bringing to you these nail polishes that I have been using over the last few months to you.  It's not just show and tell, I know you can find these and more online yourself.  I also relating my experience and thoughts to provide some additional insight.
Be Polished on Your Natural Journey | This NATURAL Thing
You may not immediately see how Nail Polish ties into a natural lifestyle, but keep reading and I'll share with you how it affects my journey to leading one.  You can decide how it may be affecting yours.

I regularly wear nail polish, so much so that my nails are almost never bare - even when they look it - ever since as long as I can remember.  I consider it a small but effective accessory that allows me to showcase my personality.  I'm not one to frequent nail salons, wear acrylics, or have a professional gel job though, as I think myself to be quite a handy manicurist and have even dabbled in some basic nail art.  And I'll tell you a little secret, I have what we shall call a vision board to satiate my love of expression through nail lacquer on Pinterest - you can check it out for your own inspiration and maybe click to follow.

But let's get down to it.  Have you ever tried reading the ingredient list - when you can find it that is, and its printed legibly?  I was quite shocked to learn of the possible effects of the ingredients used in nail polish; granted I should not have been. The scent alone is a dead giveaway that it isn't 'all-good'.  Without going into much detail, the average nail polish has ingredients many of us can't pronounce on the first attempt; another indicator of looming harm.  Nail polish has long been considered toxic, and caution is even advised for use while pregnant - red flag!  In case you didn't know, all things we apply topically are absorbed into our bodies, through our skin, to our blood stream which takes it all around our bodies - and from there can do just as much harm, or good, as the things we ingest.

Some time ago I came upon "safe" nail polishes claiming to be just as good if not better than those with all the harmful chemical ingredients.  These nail polishes, known as 5-free or 7-free, don't contain the said number of ingredients considered harmful in your average regular bottle o'polish. I discovered that there in in fact quite a few brands available now that are 5 or 7-free.  I thereafter set out to secure myself a couple testers and finally got my hands - pun intended - on this one which popped up on quite a few top lists in my research.

On my last bout of travel, I purchased this 5-free brand at a Whole Foods in New York City.  I was quite surprised at the retail value which was very comparable to 'regular' nail polish, especially since everything that's good for you, comes with that extra added on the price - not so you say? Kindly check the health foods and organic aisles at your local grocers.  Now, I'm not complaining about the price tag, it suited my budget.  But if look I'm sure you'll find a $50 "safe" nail polishes out there, 7-free and all.

I've been using these polishes almost exclusively since August, and have been totally obsessed with them.  Let me allay any concerns you may have about product quality; this polish has given me just as much wear as any other brand I have used, and I have used many.  With my non-professional application skills and everyday wear, they give 4-6 days without chipping on average - but if you're more careful than I am, I guarantee you can get more - You can't tell me that's not great!  I've had salon manicures fail me after 3 days, and sometimes even gels let folks down on their 2 week promise.
I got these 2 colours - Rusty Rum and Cerulean Rock.  Both are quite rich and might I add, perfect for the season - looking for holiday colours anyone?  If these don't suit your fancy, there was a wide selection of colours, to match every season, mood, or personality.  As mentioned, the polish is quite rich and the coverage is amazing.  You truly don't need 2 coats - most every brand suggests applying 2-3 coasts - but if you just can't break the habit I would suggest applying very, very thin coats for smoother application and longer wear.
I have been wearing 1 coat.
Be Polished on Your Natural Journey | This NATURAL Thing
I'll confess I still use 'normal' base and top coat polishes which I've been sealing these with as my excitement when I found these obscured any logical purchasing process - of course I'd need a top coat, but no, I did not get one.  I do plan on securing a 5 or maybe 7-free base and top coat polish as well.  Maybe I'll try them in another brand, any to suggest?
Be Polished on Your Natural Journey | This NATURAL Thing |

Have you tried 5 or 7-Free Polishes?

~ Josie Jo ~


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