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Obia Naturals TWIST WHIP BUTTER | Review

This NATURAL Thing Review Obia Naturals TWIST WHIP BUTTER
"A triple treat of unrefined Shea Butter, Tucuma Butter and Mango Butter to intensely moisturize, seal, add shine and protect your hair.  Twist Whip Butter is also packed with the essential oils of Lemongrass and Lavender to strengthen and promote hair growth. Ideal for creating beautiful braids, twists and locks."

They ain't never lie! NEVER! I tell you.

I was introduced to this moisturizing styler while on vacation after all my products ran out on me - 3oz TSA?! Thanks, but no thanks.  What exactly do they expect you so do with 3oz of conditioner exactly?  Just because you're travelling for more than a week it doesn't mean you have to look it, TSA.  So I set out for sample/trial sizes of something I was already familiar and accustomed to, but it would seem sample sizes don't exist outside of the the US, seriously!  If anyone knows who has sample/trial sized products, preferably natural for natural hair, in Trinidad, please do tell for the next time I'm there!  All the same, I went to the one place, a new-to-me cute, chic store promising to have "high quality products  for curls, kinks, locs, fros or anything in between" I was sure would have delivered, but as it turns out didn't, but did...not in the way I was expecting.

On recommendation from the store owner, I took a look at this Twist Whip Butter having heard of the brand before but never having the opportunity to try any of their products.  When I read VEGAN. pH-BALANCED. NATURAL. on the label I would admit I was a bit taken aback, and my skepticism crept up.  Everyone stamps Natural on their label nowadays, but also Vegan?  That's a tall tree to climb.  After flipping the tub around and scanning the ingredients, they had me, right there and then.  I saw no animal related/linked products and I knew what every ingredient was; every. single. one.  I was then encouraged to try it, right there in the store - sales strategy on point.  On opening the tub I was struck by the scent, a lovely balance between lemony and earthy.  I glided my fingers over the top and ...Ohh, creamy, just thick enough, but light and spreadable.  SOLD!  I'm a sucker for buttery products all year round, but as we move into cooler months heavier products, especially for thicker, low porosity hair are soo clutch for soft, hydrated hair!

That very evening I went home and after washing my hair, put it to the test.  I created flat twists for a twist out. I left it in about 5 days, just to ensure it was well set, y'know.  And, I almost couldn't believe the results.  The first time could have been a fluke, so I used it every time after that for a full month! And each time my use was rewarded with great results.  Quite frankly I've had to force myself to use my other products when styling because I believe in keeping my products in rotation so my hair doesn't get 'tired' of them.
Obia Naturals TWIST WHIP BUTTER | This NATURAL Thing Review
I picked up this 8oz tub for  $125TTD (approx $18.65USD) if I recall correctly, and it retails on the website for $18USD +tax, which was a steal.
After a bit of research i.e. reading the website, I learnt that "all products are cruelty free (no animal testing) and vegan (no honey, beeswax, goats milk, animal protein, etc)" which makes them Vegan. Also "all preservatives used are both paraben and formaldehyde free. All fragrances are phthalate free".  These in addition to the *NO List, which you can find offered in, or rather, not in Natural hair products on the market now
What's not to love? Really!  I couldn't help but rave about this, but that's because its been so good to me, and I want it to be good to you too!

Now to expand my use further into this brand, which product should I try next??
If I had to summarize...
"This stuff is amazing, everything they said is delivered and more!  I fell in love with this after just one use. I'm no expert at styling and techniques, but this has helped me to execute and achieve results good enough for a YouTube video - lol.  The smell  is also so soothing, however, if you don't like lemony scents this may not be for you as it's quite strong.  It's just the right consistency, and leaves my hair soft, shiny, with definition to die for!"
...see the review here

Have you tried this or any other Obia Naturals products? 

~ Josie Jo ~


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