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10 WAYS COCONUT OIL Will Change Your Life - Nutiva COCONUT OIL | Review

In the event that you haven't heard, Coconut Oil is now the most popular oil in the hair world.
Actually not just the hair world, Coconut Oil is simply the most popular oil out there now. Not that it was just discovered or anything, Coconut Oil has been used for ages by many cultures for a multiple number of reasons.  However, as of late, it has come into fame.  If you Google "Coconut Oil" you will get 34,000,000 results with Health Benefits, Uses, Beauty Tricks, Brands galore. Links telling you 101 ways that you could use coconut oil, for hair, skin, cooking, anything that you could imagine.

Now, Coconut Oil wasn't new to me; I knew of its great tips,tricks, benefits and uses, but for some reason, I didn't allow Coconut Oil into my life, until recently.  I purchased Coconut Oil which was one of my New Hair Goodies September (<<see post).  And in the last month, thanks to the 30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments Challengehosted by Just Grow Already and Relaxed Thairapy, Coconut Oil came into my life.  And oh how I wish I had let it in sooner!!!

Let me tell you why!
Could I tell you?
Please? But only if you're interested... I promise I won't go on and on like a Google search.  I'd let you seek those results yourself.
How about this, I'd tell you how I used Coconut Oil in the last month, the reasons I'll continue to use it and possibly new ways to implement use in other areas of my life.

Good deal?

USES of Coconut Oil

...for Natural Hair


What Makes Coconut Oil a Great Hot Oil Treatment?
  • Coconut Oil is is a great natural conditioner.  It is able to penetrate the hair strands, which allows it to work from the inside.  It strengthens hair strands and reduces hair loss, thereby aiding in length retention so that greater growth is realized.  Coconut Oil also contains Vitamin E, which in itself has great hair health properties.
As I mentioned above, I joined an online 30 Day Challenge.  The purpose I joined the challenge was to introduce and enforce healthy hair habits, this one being Hot Oil Treatments.  I selected a few oils to use for the challenge, one being Coconut Oil.
Re-cap: To do the treatments, I applied warmed Coconut Oil to my hair, ensuring that it was well coated, before covering with plastic and further warming my head (hair) for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I then proceeded with my wash day routine for the day. You can check out details in my  30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments: Castor x Coconut and Wash Day | Castor x Olive: Hot Oil Treatment posts.
Review:  Although the challenge was only 30 days long, and I only did 2 HOTs, as I 'wash' my hair every 2 weeks on average, I could tell the difference in my hair and the effects of the Coconut Oil.  Prior to implementing HOTs my hair did appear very dry, which is a characteristic of my 'hair type' so any change was noticeable.  My hair is also coarse and so feels quite rough.  Since doing the HOTs my hair feels noticeably smoother.  I would add that there haven't been as much loose (broken) hairs when I detangle.


What Makes Coconut Oil a Great Anti Frizz?
  • It is a light oil, which makes it fine hair friendly; it won't weigh down hair strands. It is one of the few oils that penetrates the hair shaft, which allows it to enter and fill out gaps smoothing the hair strands as the cuticles lay flat, reducing the appearance of frizz
Prior to the 30 Day Challenge, I began  using Coconut Oil for my hair in my hair mix.  Because Coconut Oil is light, it mixes great with other oils to create a Sealant, and so I had mixed it with Olive & Castor Oil for use on my hair.  To avoid build up however, I did not use this daily.
Review:  As a result of using Coconut Oil in this way for several weeks, I have noticed sheen-ier hair with less frizz.  Specifically, my comb coils are smooth all the way to the ends and bounce back when pulled.  I would say this indicates stronger hair strands (which would also be a result of the HOTs, topped off with use as in a sealant).
...for Skin Care & Beauty
What makes Coconut Oil Great for Skin Care & Beauty?
  • Coconut Oil is a hydrating and moisturizing oil for skin.  Just as its conditioning and penetrating properties are great for hair, so too is it for skin.  Skin, like Hair (and Nails) benefits from the Vitamin E and Protein in Coconut Oil.
These properties makes Coconut Oil a Great 3. BODY MOISTURIZER, 4. SKIN HEALER, 5. SUNBURN PREVENTER, 6. BATH OIL, 7. MASSAGE OIL, 8. SKIN TREATMENT, as I have used it.  There are many, many more uses in Skin Care that I have not yet incorporated.
Review:  I have found that when I use Coconut Oil on my skin, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a shiny (greasy) look.  It does not feel sticky, leave a residue, or come off on fabrics.  This could be due also to its lightness. can also be used as a MAKE UP REMOVER, CUTICLE OIL, SHAVING CREAM, in DIYs with as little as 1 other ingredient for LIP BALM, BODY SCRUBS, WHITENING TOOTHPASTE, and DEODORANT!  This list seems to be never-ending.  I haven't started using Coconut Oil in these Beauty areas, but I'm sure it won't be long.

...for Cooking


What makes Coconut Oil a Great Non Stick (Spray)?
  • A very high smoke point of 177 C/355 F ( allows Coconut Oil to absorb a lot more heat that other (cooking) oils
I came across a comprehensive list of uses for Coconut Oil a while back, one that has proven very helpful to me in the kitchen was the use of Coconut Oil on non non-stick pans in cooking. Unfortunately I did not save, no do I recall the site, otherwise I would share it with you.  I promise I'm not just trying to keep it all to myself.  However, there are so many extensive lists shared by many sites, that would suffice.
Review: I own stainless steal pans as hype of non-stick pans faded once the pans had to be replaces if the coated was compromised.  Let me say, sauteeing, frying or anything with limited emoillients was quite a headache to do with these pans.  The first day I used Coconut Oil on my pans for making an omlette, I was a convert!  I could not believe it!  The omlete slid right out of the pan.  I didn't use butter, olive oil or non-stick spray, not that I had any.  Which made this discovery so pivotal in my life in the kitchen. I try my very best to use only real foods and items in the kitchen, and also to prepare foods with minimal alteration to their natural state.  Coconut Oil has allowed me to do just that.  It also doesn't add a very strong flavor, to me it's not particularly noticeable.  I do find that if anything, especially in sautes and frying, that I reduced the amount of salt I would add, the flavor profile is such that I don't miss it.


What makes Coconut Oil a Great Oil/Butter Replacement?
  • It has a high Saturated Fat content with more than 60% Medium Chain Fatty Acids (the good kind). These are said to increase metabolism rate which aids weight loss, increase the level of good cholesterol and lower the level of bad cholesterol. They are also great sources of energy. It also contains Vitamin E, which has a host of great properties and health benefits of its own; Protein and has a good Moisture content.
The very same list that put me on to using Coconut Oil as a non-stick also included use as a replacement for oils and butters in cooking, baking, even on toast. 
Review:  Understandably Coconut Oil can't be used to replace all oils or butter in different recipes based on flavor and reactive properties.  However, having the option to substitute Coconut Oil as a Natural and Healthy alternative is great for my lifestyle.  I haven't yet used it as a replacement that was a complete fail.  As mentioned, I've used it in sauteing and frying to save my pans and sanity. I continue to use it in this way also, because I know I'm adding nutritional value to my meals.  I've added it to smoothies, salad dressing, even mashed potatoes. a Natural Product


I come from an island on which Coconut Trees grow wild.  What I mean is, I don't know anyone who intentionally planted a Coconut Tree, yet one can be found in almost any backyard...or maybe just the ones I've been to.  This is to say that I was always familiar with Coconut Oil, as indicated at the beginning.  When I chose to incorporate Coconut Oil in my life again, I wanted it to be as close to the Coconuts on the trees I grew up with, knowing that the oil has been made in homes for centuries.  Unfortunately, due to my current location, availability and resources did not allow for me to explore attaining my Coconut Oil in this way.
I did quite a bit of research and chose to purchase Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because I was comfortable with the product in the bottle.  It is made from fresh coconuts, and is unrefined, not deodorized or bleached.  It is cold-pressed which helps it to retain all the properties that make it so beneficial is so many areas of use, which would otherwise be diminished if it were chemically or heat processed.  Nutiva is also certified Organic, Non GMO and Non Hydrogenated.

As promised I didn't go on and on... or did I??  I hadn't realized Coconut Oil was so prominent in my life until I started gathering information for this post.  
It is truly a great addition to your Life. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should!

🌴~ Josie Jo ~🌴

Has Coconut Oil Changed Your Life Yet?

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