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3 USES and How You Can Incorporate them - NOW Solutions CASTOR OIL | Review

Castor Oil was in heavy rotation this last month. If you recall I purchased this product in August, it was one of my New Hair Goodies September (<<see post).  In that post, Castor Oil as mentioned, and you may be aware, has so many great uses for Hair & Skin.  My Castor Oil was used fully used in each respect for me in this month of September. So I'll give a review on each of areas in which I use this product.

USES OF Castor Oil

...for Natural Hair


What Makes Castor Oil a Great Scalp Treatment?

  • It has great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is well known for increasing hair growth.  As such, you can see why I chose to use it as a Scalp Treatment for the 30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments Challenge.
I took up a 30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments Challenge hosted by Just Grow Already and Relaxed Thairapy in the month of September. This allowed me to use my Castor Oil in a way that I completely neglected for a long time.  I used the Castor Oil as a Scalp Treatment in my hot oil treatment on each wash day for the month of September.
Re-cap:  I applied the Castor Oil to my scalp and massaged using my fingers, with extra attention to my hairline (details in these posts: 30 Days of Hot Oil Treatments: Castor x Coconut and Wash Day | Castor x Olive: Hot Oil Treatment)

Review: Due to the Challenge only being a month long, I can't say with evidence that it did increase thickness of my hair or added significant growth.  However, I do intend to maintain using Castor Oil in Hot Oil Scalp Treatments along my Healthy Hair Journey.  I would now say that it is a part of my Hair Regimen.  In a few months I may be able to do an update on the effects that I have experienced as a result of such use.


What Makes Castor Oil a Great Sealant?

  • This oil is a very thick oil, which makes it heavy and perfect for coarse hair (like mine), not so much fine hair, as it would easily be weighed down if not carefully and sparingly used.
  • It is a moisturizing, deep conditioning oil which increases thickness and fullness of hair, adding sheen.
Prior to the 30 Day Challenge, I began  using Castor Oil for my hair in my hair mix.  Because Castor Oil is thick, it works great as a Sealant, and so I had mixed it with Olive Oil for use on my hair.  To avoid build up however, I did not use this daily.
Review: Using the Castor Oil in this way on my hair I have seen results.  My hair is softer than when I previously used Castor Oil in my hair mix, and there is a natural sheen to my strands, which I would say lasts without use of other products.

...for Skin & Body


What Makes Castor Oil a Great Body Oil?

  • Castor Oil is considered by many to be one of the finest natural skin emollients available today.  It is great for topical use as a Body Oil.

I found myself actually using it for this purpose in September as well, as I ran out of my regular body oil which I usually use after applying lotion.
Review: The Castor Oil really does provide my skin with nourishment and it really helps to maintain moisture levels in my skin.

...A Natural Product

I've been really happy with this purchase.  Due to the multiple uses of this oil, I see it as a staple not only in my Hair Regimen, but in everyday living.  Castor Oil can be found in the ingredient list on many cosmetic and beauty products, but sometimes those products contain other ingredients that may not be natural, or naturally obtained, and could also actually be harmful.  Therefore, having Castor Oil where I can include it as I see fit with other natural products is a great benefit to my lifestyle.
In looking for a Castor Oil I selected NOW Solutions specifically because it is a Natural Product. NOW states: Pure Castor Oil is expeller-pressed from the seed of Ricinus communis, which means no added chemicals or extreme measures are used to obtain the oil.  This allows it to retain the the Vitamin E and Omega 6 & 9 that it contains, without any potentially harmful additives.  It is also 100% Food Grade.  I felt really comfortable using in both for both my hair and my skin.  As part of this Natural Lifestyle, I'm trying to move more towards only using natural products, even topically, as anything that you apply topically is absorbed into your body and so I'm trying to move away from things containing harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

~ Josie Jo ~

Have you incorporated Castor Oil in your journey?  
Please do share.

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