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Wash Day vs Beach Day

Summer Days at the Beach on a Wash Day
Summer is in full swing!  The days are longer, beckoning to be spent leisurely at the beach.

I am a beach bum.  I was placed on this earth to enjoy the sun, sea and sand.  This is why I was born on an island, and why after my various places of residence, I found myself on the 21sq miles of this island.  Can you say beach within 10 minutes in any direction?  Not to show off, all I'm saying is we end up where we're supposed to be in life.

On my last wash day I was determined to have the shortest wash day possible so I could enjoy this island paradise.  It was a steamy 29°C and a clear day, with 94% humidity, I could hear the beach calling my name.  Did I have to wash my hair on this particular day? Yes.  And could I really wash my hair AND go to the beach (with my hair covered of course) in the same day?

Wash Day VS Beach Day

The plan was to execute the simplest wash day I've had since I could pull my hair into 4 sections.  I would co-wash followed by a deep condition, and style; a quick flat twist to for a defined twist out - there's no reason to sacrifice style for efficiency.  Plus, I  could easily cover my twists with a scarf, so chic, and with oversized sunglasses!  I could have skipped the DC, however, I know my hair, and especially with how hot it's been, my strands would forever thank me for not skipping out, and I could do a task or chore while my DC was in. #win-win.

I generously estimated a total of 2 hrs, only because it still takes me quite a while to flat twist semi-neatly (I'm taking tips on ways to reduce this time) I know you're thinking "then do a 2 min style" but I understand my hair well enough to know that such things don't exist for me.

Wash day started around 1pm, I would be done by 3pm which was perfect time to head to the closest beach.
Although package instructions recommend 5-7 mins, and only 10-15 mins under a hooded dryer for extra-deep conditioning, I opted to sit outside for 30 mins to begin enjoying this perfect summer day, and conserve energy. To be honest, I never deep condition for less than 30 mins and that's under a dryer.  However, it felt like had I used my hair dryer I would have literally melted in the heat, even if just for the recommended 15 mins.  I should have done my workout in this time as I usually do when I don't use my hooded dryer, and sometimes when I do, because of the added hair and scalp benefits in addition to my general overall health.  Buuuut... you know those days when it's so hot moving is uncomfortable, that's kinda how it felt right then - that good ole summer heat - and I was really focused on getting through wash day to get to the beach.  So, I sat outside and let the summer heat do it's thing.
Wash Day: 1

While sitting outside though, I realized I would still have to do my workout at some point anyway to keep on track with my NTC Program schedule this month and my July Goal for the Eat & Move Series 2016.  So following the 30 mins outside, I went ahead and did the 15 min HIIT and 15 min Yoga practice on my program schedule.
#goals #dedication #stayfocused

It was now 3 o'clock. More than enough time for EXTRA-deep conditioning.  I needed to rinse and get on with it.  But then... why remove my DC now?  It occurred to me, I could throw the scarf on now and head to the beach as is - 29°C with 94% humidity? it would be a DC and natural Steam in one! Plus, to quickly style - who was I kidding, I knew in the back of my mind it would take me an hour at minimum - my perfect summer afternoon lazing at the beach was slipping away.

Oh! I put that scarf on my head and was out the door! The beach was happening on this wash day!
Use a scarf to protect your hair from the summer sun and multitask while deep conditioning, and looking tres chic
A scarf is an effective & very chic way to protect your hair from the intense rays of the summer sun at the beach, pool, or anytime outdoors.

3 leisurely spent hours later I returned.
Beach Day: 1

Back to wash day
  • I removed the scarf and plastic bag and detangled, which really wasn't necessary but allowed my head to cool because I rinse with cool water.
Side Note | The conditioner had melted into my hair like buttahh on freshly baked bread.  My hair was super soft but not in a weak way, manageable, and the comb glided through with ease.  Is this conditioner really just this amazing? Remember the first time I used it? Or, is it because the conditioner was in for 4+ hrs?  Because his was only my second use, I can't definitively say, but I'll try to keep the next couple uses consistent to determine for ya, promise.
  • After rinsing I Drip Dried my hair before styling.
  • To prep for styling I used the Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Leave In Conditioner by section, applied my DIY Oil Mix and Whipped Shea Butter following the LOC method which I've been using since my BC.
  • I layered on a styling cream and proceeded to create the flat twists in the same 4 sections for the objective of achieving a quick twist out - I just wanted to know how quickly I could do it.
Finally 8 HOURS LATER (where did that time go?), WASH DAY WAS COMPLETE!  But, all things considered, not too bad right?  

Quick flat twist for a defined twist out in Summer
The visibly semi-neat flat twists dried overnight and were ready to be unleashed on the world the following day.

Shortest wash day ever? FAIL.  Maybe next time...
However, I did deep condition which ensured I infused moisture into my hair to combat the hot days of the summer, and this style used no direct heat, keeping me on track in th#HealthyHair4Summer challenge

Wash Day VS Beach Day
1 : 1
its a tie

Next time I would get my workout in AT the beach with my DC in.  Which would win then?? Beach!
Whichever does, I know I'll be covering my hair with a scarf again for sure for Sun protection! This week's theme in
The Wash Day Experience

Are your wash days getting in the way of enjoying your summer days?

~ Josie Jo ~


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